Founded by the YMCAs of Quebec, YMCA Alternative Suspension creates positive experiences and supports youth during their suspension and reintegration into the classroom by promoting personal development and autonomy.

estimated cost to system if 100 youth drop out of school: $50,000,000

Everyone can help care for our community’s health, even if you’re not a front-line health care provider.

YMCA Alternative Suspension takes that to heart. Instead of sending kids home if they’re suspended, the program takes them in and identifies ways to address the root cause of the behaviour.

Andrew Borrelli, coordinator of development and training for the program, is seeing results. “There are no bad kids,” he believes. “Just bad decisions. By getting to the root of a child’s issue, we know they’re more likely to stay in school.”

YMCA Alternative Suspension turns suspension into a positive experience, one that has lasting outcomes for a child. “We’re connecting dots,” says Andrew. “Kids who come through our program find new services or support that help them excel. This can lead to better health over their whole lifetime.”

For the YMCA, helping a child reach their full potential is the best outcome they could hope for. 

Medavie Health Foundation just works differently for organizations. To provide multi-year funding for programs like YMCA Alternative Suspension means they can focus on the good they do, not where their funding is coming from.
— Eric Laberge, President, Medavie Blue Cross