Revivre helps people with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder and their families in collaboration with Quebec’s institutional and community mental health network.

Anxiety and depression – the onset of which begins during childhood and adolescence – account for almost 65% of all mental disorders in Quebec.

Isolation hurts. It can often take more than family or friends to break through to someone who’s struggling with anxiety or depression.

That was the case for Geneviève of Montreal. After years of doctor’s appointments and psychologists, she participated in a self-help group for youth with anxiety.

“I was very lonely before,” Geneviève says. “I don’t think I realized that until I was in my group at Revivre. My group and I are like a little family, we understand each other.”

Revivre helped me to open up to others. And they’re so active in our community, I know they’re helping others find ways to express themselves too.
— Geneviève, Revivre participant

Today, Geneviève has the support and skills she needs to manage her anxiety. “In a new or stressful situation, I know I can turn to my group to help me get through.”

Paula Grossman, who works with Medavie Blue Cross as a senior benefits specialist, believes healing can come from community. “I’m really proud to be a part of an organization that helps programs like Revivre, because they’re making a real difference in our communities.”

Revivre is creating the kind of connections that can help heal, every day.