We believe keeping Canada healthy doesn’t start at a doctor’s office. It starts in our kitchens and living rooms, on our playgrounds and in our community centres.

This is health care that looks a little different. And this is the kind of health care we’re passionate about at Medavie Health Foundation.

It’s our mission to find, fund and support projects and programs making a real difference to Canadians on an individual and community level. Medavie Blue Cross and Medavie Health Services give 10% of their net income to our Foundation every year so our funding recipients can focus on what they do, not where their funding is coming from.

We focus on three primary areas of our health: child and youth mental health, post-traumatic stress disorder and type 2 diabetes. Because we believe that if we change behaviour early, teach new habits or give someone a second chance, we can help people lead healthy lives and keep them from becoming patients. We are creating a health care ecosystem, one that we can help sustain over time. Our role, as the Foundation evolves, is to become a catalyst for this ecosystem.

We can lift organizations and causes up. We can help connect people and services to each other. We can take on big challenges together and affect change through collective impact.

We’re helping to take health care out of the hospital and into our hearts and homes. At Medavie Health Foundation, health care is different. Learn about what it looks like to us.


Kim West, Board Chair, Partner, NATIONAL Public Relations

Bernard Lord, CEO, Medavie Inc.

Marian Walsh, President & CEO, Bridgepoint Health

Fred Fountain, President & CEO, The Great Eastern Corporation Ltd.

Edward Barrett, Co-CEO, Barrett Corporation

Shari Austin, Principal Consultant, Shari Austin & Company


Bernard Lord, CEO, Medavie Inc.

Martin Haynes, Vice-President, Government & Corporate Secretary, Medavie Blue Cross

John Diamond, Chief Financial Officer, Medavie Blue Cross

Patty Faith, Executive Director, Medavie Health Foundation and Director, Corporate Communications & Marketing, Medavie Blue Cross & Medavie Health Services