The Atlantic Wellness Community Center in New Brunswick provides professional counselling to youth and young adults ages 12 to 21 who struggle with mental illness and mental health concerns.

Publicly funded clinical counselling typically has a wait list of up to a year IN SOUTH-EASTERN NEW BRUNSWICK.

Being a teenager isn’t easy. Especially if you’re struggling with anxiety or depression. Without a place, and a person, to turn to for help, a teen can’t build the important foundations for their life to come.

The Atlantic Wellness Community Center in Moncton recognized they could do more for teens working through mental health issues. So they came up with a solution: A program that opens its doors to any teen.

“I’d been in countless doctor’s offices and programs,” says Kelti, who started her mental wellness journey with the Open Doors program when she was struggling with depression at 13. “Open Doors gave me something no other health care provider could: a friend.”

I love my community. And I love being a part of an organization that supports people where I live and work.
— Gwen Breneol, Corporate Sales, Medavie Blue Cross and member of the Medavie Health Foundation Grants Review Committee

Three years later, Kelti’s a dedicated, passionate volunteer and mental health advocate. “Here, we’re more than a number or a case file,” she says. “I believe we need more spaces like this because this is a place where you feel welcome and safe.”